Mariadovale is a trademark created in Viana do Castelo, Portugal, during 2014. This took form after a long conception period which allowed a full maturation of the concept behind each part of the work.

Alexandrina, Sandra and Júlia Saraiva presents a degree in Product Design by ESTG and a graduation in Fashion by Modatex and in Jewelry by Engenho&Arte School.

Designed in Viana do Castelo · Made in Portugal

The Concept

Each piece of work is designed and produced having a classical approach where forms, themes and trials are deconstructed and evolve against the concept itself.

The concept is the core of each collection, approaching each strand and its respective conceptual unfolding. The balance “form-function” is strongly respected and it creates a constant dynamic in a way which tries not to damage the concept itself.

The motto of the collections appears based on values, feelings and experiences, and aims to call attention not only to daily problems but also to more profound levels of perception like enhancing a satirical view and focusing on dubious content of dogmatic truths - wishing to socially provoke others by those who are wearing each piece of Mariadovale work.

The inner challenge of wearing a piece developed by Mariadovale is to promote and create a kind of feeling to its user and at the same time bringing an esthetic side with strong communicative and provocative components.

The final and main purpose of each piece of work handcrafted by Mariadovale is to allow the subject to look at things (material and/or objects) without a previous memory of it, preconceived ideas and to treat and personally reach the work with a value of equality in mind.

After all,
What makes a gemstone precious?